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Factlines helps companies map and improve their supply chain. Our efficient process for evaluating and following up suppliers helps our customers save money and time, enabling them to focus on what is most important.

We help you every step of the way.


Supply chain mapping with self-assessments is an efficient approach to understanding risks in the supply chain. Gain insight and control by asking suppliers questions about their business and sourcing practices. Our digital approach streamlines the process, saving time and money.

Risks and reporting

Prioritize resources through performance and risk profiles. Rather than evaluating every single supplier, you can target a selection for more documentation or an audit. Supplier reports are useful for dialogue. Survey reports can be used for CSR reporting.


Many companies combine surveys with requests for documentation. Certifications and test results are some examples. Our advanced document room handles sharing and management of documentation in an intuitive manner.

Our Services

Improve responsible supply chain control. From basic CSR compliance to advanced supplier management with digital efficiency.


Get an easy start with Starter. Get your ethical guidelines in place and do the first mapping of your supplier network. Be in compliance with standard requirements for supplier evaluation. The Factlines survey provides insight and control, and lets you take the first, important steps towards a sustainable supply chain.

Most suitable for
Companies new to CSR, supply chain mapping and follow-up.

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”Our customers request that we sign and comply with codes of conduct. We need to start mapping and evaluating suppliers.”

Sustainable procurement

Streamline your supplier mapping. Improve control with advanced features like flexible supplier surveys like environmental issues and quality management, multiple questionnaires and advanced risk and document management. We handle the surveys to let you focus on outcomes and prioritize follow-up

Most suitable for
Companies in need of more efficient supplier follow-up; flexibility, document management and risk mapping.

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”We need a solution that helps us map and evaluate our suppliers efficiently, allowing us to focus our efforts where it matters.”


Advanced supplier management tailored to fit your business needs. Flexible supplier evaluations developed to meet specific requirements based on for example industry, risk areas and CSR compliance. Streamline risk screening and handle documentation across the supplier network. Manage corrective action plans and use Factlines for ongoing follow-up.

Most suitable for
Major companies in need of customized solutions and ongoing supplier evaluation.

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”We already evaluate our suppliers’ performance. We need a digital solution to streamline our own processes for supplier assessment and risk management.”

Any surprises in your supply chain?

Responsible sourcing improves your business.

Is insight into the supply chain important in your company? You are not alone.

Four key reasons responsible supply chain control takes high priority

1. Supply chains are risky. A high share of the products and services we buy have their origin in countries where the risk of breaches to basic human rights are high. ​​​​​​​

2. Sustainability is here to stay. Consumers, employees and investors are attracted to sustainable companies. Responsible production and sourcing is the hub that drives positive impact forward. Supply chain mapping effectively implements ethical guidelines and codes of conduct.

3. Complex supply chains require new tools. Mapping and managing documentation in the supply chain becomes more time consuming as expectations grow.​​​​​​​ Supplier evaluation is necessary in supply chain management.

4. Better relationships give better business. Supply chain control supports dialogue and improvements.​​​​​​​ With Factlines you can turn compliance needs into business opportunities.

How to get you started




Supply chain survey


Evaluation and action plan



The kick-off meeting is where we make sure you get off to a good start. Together, we review your situation in order to understand your needs and requirements for follow-up in your supply chain and agree on the next steps.

Factlines standard self-assessment questionnaires are in compliance with the requirements for responsible sourcing. We also offer fully flexible surveys, tailored to fit your specific business needs.


Supply chain survey

The survey creates your supplier network in Factlines. We do the work for you; invitations, monitoring and follow-up of late replies. It is easy for the suppliers to join in and link to you. With your subscription, you can follow the survey in real time and see your network grow.

Data are confidential. Factlines is not an open platform but allows for sharing of business sensitive data between partners.


Evaluation and action plan

In the reporting session we review key learnings from your supplier survey. The risk analysis points to relevant follow-up activities. Single supplier reports are excellent starting points for constructive dialogue with selected suppliers. With the full report you have important insights about your supplier network at your fingertips. It is your basis for internal and external reporting to important stakeholders.

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